Oryx and Crake

Oryx and Crake - Margaret Atwood I'm finding it hard to rate her 4 stars just because by running definition here it should mean I really liked it.
And I didn't, I liked it and that's 3 stars by same definition, and that's to low for this book.
Actually I would given it 3.7 or 3.8 .
There are stuff that I like, and there are stuff I don't. There's a sense of... just listing things that happened and things that got wrong without going further, deeper...that part is unsatisfactory for me, it's to easy, to shallow and anything that's like that just doesn't make impact on me. I need smthng mind boggling, more difficult to understand at first ...damn
Human characters are... a bit underdeveloped. Now don't get wrong impression, that's only from a specific point of view ... point of view -I've seen better things and read better writers. But if this was in my teens I would f@ckng shout at loud how good it is and would have given her 5.

Genetics concerning stuff is awesome, there's some science, consideration, expert thinking and effort behind it - therefore awesome. Stile of writing (or swearing) another awesome.
Not so happy stories, not easy to think about them. write about them... difficult to read and digest but ads up to more truthful look of forthcoming dystopia(s)...there's no need to sweeten things up

Bottom line I'll read more of her stuff, but I'll be careful choosing them...I see Handmaid's tale is a good one by sort of general consensus here