1Q84 - Jay Rubin, Philip Gabriel, Haruki Murakami More precisely my grade would something around 3.8.

So it implies this isn't Murakami's best work, or at least not for me.
It starts off amazing, as Murakami always does and it's all fantastic and brilliant until it becomes redundant, and a bit to easy or oversimplified ( at least for Murakami ). And I do find him one of the best writers of all times.
This time I feel like if he had condensed the story to something like 600 - 750 pages i would again get that amazing feeling of he's worlds, and I would give him a 5
With couple hundred pages of explanations, some redundancy and with an ending as it is I'm getting a feeling this is a book Murakami most adjusted to American audience. And made it film-able. Hollywood .

I wouldn't mind reading another 2 000 pages as long as he would continue in same quality ... anyway I'm really hoping and waiting for his coming books