Last Werewolf

The Last Werewolf - Glen Duncan OK, this isn't gonna be the best review, simply cause of my English skills. 1st person narration, film noar(ish) feeling, written like a werewolf's personal confession or a diary as he says. Cliche, boring begging of a book, but soon things go up. Now the stuff your either like or not. I can't see a chance of being indifferent if your read it through the end. Lots of sex, violence, animal and primal feelings, rough book same time lot's of philosophy, aesthetic, nihilism ... other branches of philosophy I'm sure (author studied philosophy)

If it's a different type of a novel this would be a recipe for a book I would thrown away. In a horror genre it's refreshing, finally rough,animal enough, his closer to core, the essence of an animal than any other author I've read so far. So for that I should given him a 5 star review, but the story itself isn't god enough to follow what I've just said... so something like 3.5 to 4 is more my choice.

Probably if I was younger rating would be higher, my recommendations goes to horror fans and unconstrained part of reading audience.